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Nov 12, 2012 4:00pm EST
said gas supplies are now filled. no word on what will happen in new york city and long island that started last friday and remains in place. >>> taking a live look outside right now. rain is en route, folks, and we could also hear the rumble of thunder. >> veronica johnson has the latest on that. >> that's right, guys. big changes coming for sure. now with the clouds, you might say our weather has turned a little sour outside. we've got clouds already here. 72, that was our high today. that was at 2:00. we had 65 and 71 saturday and sunday. now with the clouds and with a very strong weather front i'm keeping an eye on, we'll see big changes with the temperatures. the leading edge of the rain coming through areas of west virginia and coming through the back edge, kentucky and central tennessee as well as ohio. we're going to have a couple of hours here of rain that's going to arrive late tonight. we're going to talk temperatures coming up. at least as far as your evening goes, the temperatures will hit 63 by 7:00, 62 degrees at 9:00. 59 by 11:00 p.m. we'll talk about how long t
Nov 15, 2012 4:00pm EST
remained dedicated to the case never moving from their new york city home. hernandez was a teenager when patz disappeared. in his confession, he claimed he lured the boy into a basement, strangled him, and put his body in a trash bag. hernandez only had a short appearance in court today. he won't get to enter a plea until next month. but his attorney said he's been diagnosed as schizophrenic. for now, hernandez will be held without bail. live in the newsroom, keith russell, news4. >>> we want to turn to the weather now. a lot of clouds today. will we see some sun by week's end? >> how about that, veronica? >> maybe a teeny bit, at least as we get through the day tomorrow. a little bit more and more and more. today cloudy, it didn't matter where you were, maryland, d.c., virginia. our sky overcast, that's what we've got right now. you can see the washington monument in the distance. look at the temperatures. definitely cool. we've been running way cool, only four days this month as our testimony above average or average. 45 degrees right now in germantown. mclain coming in at 46 degrees.
Nov 13, 2012 4:00pm EST
powerful city politicians to being a convicted felon. at the courthouse, tom sherwood, news4. >> hey, tom, this town has seen comebacks before. marion berry served time and came back in a big way. is kwame brown's political career over? >> reporter: a lot of people think so. his lawyer says he has no plans to make any kind of political he comeback. he will be under supervised probation for two years with the court so he won't likely be in that special election in april. most people believe that kwame brown is done when it comes to elective office. >> is he done serving that day? does this day down? >> reporter: yes. the judge in the federal case sentenced him to one day in custody of the u.s. marshals. and he spent that day, he'll be in until 5:30. that's yewhy he was in chains. he is in federal custody until 5:30 today and then begins two years in communicate service to make up for his crime. >> tom sherwood, thank you. >>> the plot thickens. new names are now coming out in that scandal involving former cia director david petraeus. it all began with his having an affair with paula broadw
Nov 14, 2012 4:00pm EST
. the boy disappeared from a new york city street 33 years ago. the mystery about what happened to him has gripped new yorkers for decades. pedro hernandez was a clerk at a store in aton's neighborhood. police say hernandez has admitted luring the boy into the store, strangling him and putting his body in the trash. defense attorneys say hernandez is mentally ill and that a trial will not solve the mystery of what happened to aton. >>> right now, the search is still on for a man wanted in the shooting of a walmart manager, and we have surveillance photos of that suspect just in to news4 from anne arundel police. take a look. the man's face is covered by a hood and scarf. this shooting happened around 4:30 this morning, at the walmart in laurel near the parkway. tony spoke to an employee there who saw the gunman. >> i saw him shoot him. >> reporter: the call went out at 4:17, shots fired. anne arundel police arrived and found one person wounded, a manager hit in the upper chest. >> it's early in the investigation. we're treating this as a commercial armed robbery. it appears this suspect, a
Nov 8, 2012 4:00pm EST
. they also had baseball bats. police are still looking for them. >>> this 9-year-old girl in salt lake city cannot only hang with the boys, she dominates. her name is sam gordon. and based on this video posted online by her dad, she had one incredible football season. as a quarterback, she had nearly 2,000 yards rushing, she averaged more than eight yards per carry and scored 35 touchdowns. she also has 65 tackles while playing defense. for the most impressive stat, check this out. it was her first year playing football. her first year. >> unbelievable. >> the video has had more than 1 million views on youtube. wow. >> credit to the dad if he took that picture. because to keep up with her with a camera is tough. wow, sh eis quick. >> go, sam, go. >>> up next, turning to decision 2016. who could take the white house after president obama's second term? >> a live look now at the white house. we know who's going to be living there for the next four years. >>> a live look at the white house. we all know who's going to be living here for the next four years. but president obama's re rereelection
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5